About Khula

We help small businesses elevate their brand image, reshape their perception in the market and build better user experiences.

Who are we

Khu·la / Kh·ula
A verb of Zulu origin, meaning to grow, thrive or increase.

Khula Design Studio is an award-winning, global strategic design studio dedicated to helping small businesses transform and thrive.

Bridging the gap between the latest technology and a global network of talented creatives, we design brand identities with impact and powerful websites that resonate with your audience that enables your business to grow.

We do this by focussing on these core services: brand strategy, brand identity design, copywriting, web design, Webflow development and SEO. Our expertise lies in creating a complete digital experience, covering every touch-point in your customers’ journey, so that your business can thrive.   

Whether building a brand from the ground up, or remodeling an existing one from the top down, our transparent and integrated workflow is finely tuned and designed to deliver, so that your market visibility can increase.

We’re based in British Columbia, Canada. Our clients are from all over the world.

Who Am I

Khula founder and brand strategist, Jamie Windell, understands what it takes to launch, grow, and run a small business — he’s been doing it for over a decade. He also knows about the challenges and obstacles faced by start-ups and solopreneurs. He’s been one and is one. And it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

Jamie’s seen his businesses succeed and sell, but he’s also seen them fail. With failure comes knowledge and determination. After all, if you never move out of your comfort zone, you’ll never overcome your fear of failure.   

So that’s why he is so passionate about helping new and existing small businesses fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. He knows about the risk. But he also knows the reward. Khula’s exceptional digital design services can empower you to make the leap, take calculated risks, and reap the rewards of your business.

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Who are you?

Maybe, you’re a start-up solopreneur, or an existing small business owner, with innovative ideas and big dreams, looking to make an impact in your market or online?

Perhaps, you’ve got the vision, but you need an experienced team to turn it into a reality? Or are you an established business, in need of a new, elegant, and functional digital home? Whoever you are, whatever your design needs, and wherever you’re located, you’ll benefit from a team who can create a stunning brand identity and powerful online presence.

You’ll value professionals who can craft your messaging, and build a custom online experience for your business. You’ll also appreciate a team who can strategize, streamline, and design content with your unique goals in mind.

So when it comes to great design, don’t make it better. Make it Khula.

Ready to transform Your Brand?