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Brand strategy helps you differentiate your product or service in the market.

Why Do You Need Brand Strategy?

You know what you want your brand to be. You know how you want to deliver your product or service. But how do you know that your product or service truly appeals to your target audiences? Is your brand saying the right things to the right people at the right time? 

Without the right brand strategy, it can be hard to tell. 

Your brand is bigger than a logo, name, slogan, or even the product or service itself — it’s a promise. It represents everything that you do — from the messages you deliver, to the experience you provide your target audiences. Many small businesses don’t take the time to establish their strategy and lay the foundation for their brand, which can make it much more difficult to differentiate in the market and connect with the right consumers. 

At Khula Design Studio, we have a range of strategic capabilities that can help your brand thrive. We help you craft messaging that appeals to the right people at the right time, and set your business up for success. 
And here’s how:

Brand Positioning

Positioning is the place your brand occupies in the minds of consumers. It acts as your ‘North Star’ — it’s your reason for being, and should guide everything that you do.

Through comprehensive market research, we can help you articulate your brand’s vision, defining its personality, and communicating its value to your target audience.

Discovery Summary

Need better insight into what’s happening in your category and with your target audience? Wondering about key trends, competitive activity, and their impact on your business? 

Through Khula Design Studio’s bespoke discovery process, we uncover opportunities and challenges, providing strategic recommendations based on your business goals and objectives.

Brand Audit

How’s your brand currently perceived in the market? Are your products or services resonating well with consumers? How are your website, and social channels performing for you? 

Through a brand audit, we’ll complete a thorough analysis of your brand to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and reveal key opportunities, and areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Consumer Report

How much do you really know about your target customers? How do they perceive your category? What about your particular brand and offering? Difficult to answer?

With our comprehensive consumer report, you’ll gain insight into your audience’s mindset, values, behaviors, and motivations, plus recommendations for how to connect with them.

Competitive Branding Review

Curious how others in the industry are communicating about their products and services, and how they’re positioning themselves? Wondering what your brand can be doing to stand out? 

With a competitive review, we’ll analyze 3-5 top performing competitors within the category and identify key opportunities and potential white spaces for your business to grow.

Good To know

With every brand strategy service you’ll receive a full report PDF containing all findings, insights and recommendations. A time will be scheduled to review the report together to answer and clarify any questions you may have.


Khula is filled with incredibly talented individuals who really knock it out of the park when it comes to brand strategy. I went in with some clarity on my target audience and who I wanted to help, but unclear of what would be the best selling point. At first, we were going to tackle brand identity, but thought it would be best to start with brand strategy.

Jamie and Alana asked me comprehensive questions within our first meeting that really got to the heart of my business. They came up with a super detailed presentation of their findings and what would be the best approach for my business based on what the market was saying.

I now know what I should be saying to my target audience and it's totally different from what I thought. Not only that, but I have clear values to guide every marketing decision. Can't wait to work with them again in the future!

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