The Problem

Hap-ally is a monthly subscription toy box for neurodiverse kids ages 3 years and up. As a completely new startup, the team was still refining their concept when they came to Khula. 

The Hap-ally team wanted to quickly launch and test their product market fit – without over investing in a full ecommerce site. To achieve that, they wanted a simple, professional, and captivating website – complete with a payment gateway link so customers could easily purchase a subscription. 

The Solution

As Hap-ally had already created a visual identity, they had a clear picture of how they wanted to be perceived and what the brand was about and stood for.    

Using the assets created, Khula designed a clean and professional landing page – developed using a no-code platform that would allow Hap-ally to easily update the site themselves once live. 

The platform used also allows for growth. As Hap-ally expands their business and subscription model the website can scale into a full ecommerce site – without any re-development costs. This means that everything they need is taken care of: and the team can focus on what they do best – sourcing toys to help nurture young minds! 


  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • UX/UI design
  • Web development
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Stripe integration

Website design &development

The experience of working with Jamie has been by far the most interesting experience with Jamie constantly being the guiding force behind the entire project. I knew right from the beginning that I could trust him with the design and execution, he not only met the expectations but went beyond. I'd strongly recommend Jamie to hand held your project because when he does, he holds it tight and doesn't leave till it's delivered. Thank you Jamie. — Hassan Ali