Mike Bestebroer

Mike Bestebroer, Remax realtor tasked us with a logo & brand refresh — and this is how we cohesively rolled out his brand...

Mike Bestebroer

The Challenge

In real estate, trust and confidence are everything. So when local BC realtor, Mike Bestebroer, tasked us with a logo and brand refresh — more specifically, a new colour system for his brand — we knew this was as much personal, as well as a business, branding exercise. 

Mike needed something that could be easily applied to his online and offline marketing — from his social media accounts to his printed materials. Khula was more than happy to help him bridge the gap.

The Outcome

Our starting point was to research Mike’s audience to better understand his customer buying journey, and consider how his competitors were performing. 

With that knowledge fresh in our minds, we explored a few colour palette options — choosing dark blue and light grey, to convey a sense of trust, honesty, professionalism and experience.

We also found a font typeface that was slightly more modern — but not a great deal different — than his existing logo. We did the same to his symbol/mark to align it with the same sentiment. 

The brand identity refreshed, we then rolled it out across all of his marketing materials and social profiles to create a holistic look and feel across the board.

Ultimately, we brought a new sense of pride and professionalism to his personal brand and business.


  • Mini Brand Identity Refresh
  • Email Signature Design
  • Facebook Cover Design
  • Brochure Design

Brand Identity

Old Logo & Identity:

New Brand Identity:

Facebook Banner

Newsletter Cover

Jamie is a top notch professional, has superb service and created a stunning layout and design for my business. — Mike Bestebroer, Realtor

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