The Challenge

Mountain Pacific Mechanical (MPM) is one of the Fraser Valley’s leading truck maintenance, repair, and machine refurbishment companies. 

Over the past 11 years, the team has steadily established an excellent reputation and a solid brand identity. Problem was, their website needed a tune-up. It didn’t reflect the quality of service or accurately detail the growing business’ three core components.

It was also hard to navigate and created on WordPress — meaning it was near impossible for the business owner to make any design or content updates, without getting a developer’s support every time a change was needed. 

The Outcome

Khula’s first step was to unpack what MPM stood for, how their three core services were offered, and to better understand what their customers are looking for. 

With this clear in our minds, the next step was mapping out the information architecture (IA) before crafting some new web copy. Doing this helped us define how each user will navigate the new website — and what a lasting first impression should look like: which also helped with the design and development process. 

The result? An easy-to-update, well-designed, CMS-driven website that’s simple for MPM’s customers to navigate and understand. Plus the new fresh look, combined with better performance and enhanced SEO, is set to drive more traffic and help MPM attract new prospects too. 

Website Technical ROI:

Performance score went from 75% to 88% — 13% increase

SEO score went from 73% to 96% — 23% increase, and now ranking for searches on the top pages of Google 


  • Strategy
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Mailchimp email template design & embed

Web Design & Development

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Web design mock up - phone display
Web design iPad mock-up
Web design desktop mock-up

Great team of people, Jamie was great to work with and the finished product was amazing! Highly recommend these guys. — Mike Chamberlin

Before & After

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It’s not just professional services firms that need a strong online presence. Businesses like truck maintenance & repair shops, MPM Group, do too.