The Problem

tbc/wtf is a tech-focused copywriting and content creation agency helping startups and B2B brands differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Although the company had a strong verbal identity, as the business expanded there was a need for them to build a strong visual identity to complement it.

A unique brand image was needed to reflect the company’s bold positioning — one that’d work across multiple platforms. 

tbc/wtf has been coasting on a hastily-put together Squarespace website for the best part of a year when they came to Khula. The founder knew that this needed addressing too.

In addition to a new design, the website needed an improved user experience, better speed and performance, as well as some fundamental SEO improvements and Google Analytics.

The Solution

Khula set to work creating a set of visual assets – including logos, a new font family, and a wordmark that’s since become the company’s go-to insignia.

Taking their cue from the founder and the wider tbc/wtf team’s eclectic experience, Khula created a strong, colourful identity that was both eye-catching, memorable, and professional.

The same can be said of the new tbc/wtf website, which the Khula team rebuilt in Webflow – a no-code platform. The new site is now live, has a host of new features, and is structured in a way that brings the brand to life, is user-focused, performs better, and is much more responsive — and its now easy for tbc/wtf to update and maintain themselves.

The Results:

Performance Before: 26% | Performance After: 55% | SEO Score Before: 84% | SEO Score After: 92%


  • Strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • UX/UI design
  • Web development
  • Calendly setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Logo animation & video production

Brand Identity

Top marks from me for Jamie and the Khula crew! They crafted a standout brand identity for my agency, before applying it to  a user-friendly, well-designed, awesome new website that's now ripe for lead generation! The Khula team understands the back-end, front-end, and everything in between. They also make sure that you know *exactly* what they're doing, what you'll be getting, and how to use everything yourself afterwards. Defo chat to these guys if you need a brand refresh or an online overhaul! — Dave Barton

Web Design & Development