Do I own the logo files from my brand identity pack and the rights thereof?

Yes. You own 100% of the rights and all of the files relating to your brand identity.

What logo files do I receive as part of my brand identity pack?

You receive the original source AI vector file, PDF, JPEG and PNG formats in all the different sizes as well.

How many concepts do I get to see for my brand identity, and is there a limit on revisions?

We deliver one solid concept to you. If it does not work for you and is not approved, we go back to the drawing board to create another solid concept. There is no firm limit to the amount of revisions or updates provided, unless we feel it is reaching the point of exceeding the contract value.

Do I get a brand book or brand guidelines document with my brand identity pack?

Yes. We provide a beautiful brand book outlining all of your brand guidelines.

If I already own my domain name, can I use it? And if you buy a domain for us, do I own it?

Yes and yes. We can easily connect your existing domain to the website and if we help you purchase your domain, you get to choose the provider.

Do I own my website and can I update it myself?

Yes, the website platform will be created in your name and you will own it outright. You will also have full access to easily maintain and update it yourself.

If I decide to shut down my website in the future, is it easy to do so?

Yes. If your hosting package is purchased on a monthly payment option, it is easy to cancel your hosting and the domain name. If your package is purchased on a yearly subscription, you can cancel and shut down the website at any time, but the provider will not refund you for the balance of the months remaining on the contract, however you will still have access to your entire site should you wish to relaunch it.

What is the typical timeline for creating a brand identity and website?

From start to finish, we work in 30-day windows for both the brand identity and website. This is subject to client availability, website scope of work, functionality and back and forth revisions. Should it be a brand identity only, the typical turnaround time would be 14 days.

Do I get to be involved in the design process and stay updated throughout the period?

Yes. We work with complete transparency and constant communication via email and regular video check-in calls. You will have access to a shared drive folder where all work and documents will be made available to you at anytime.