Getting the wheels in motion: How a mini-brand identity helped kickstart a motoring startup.

Chilliwack, Canada
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The Challenge

Tom Hildebrand had a great idea and a great product — custom, hand-crafted wooden steering wheel trays. Fit for everyone from truck drivers and vehicle technicians, to everyday road users and side-by-sides, Tom’s steering wheel trays are a thing of beauty. 

But there were two problems: his product needed a name, and it needed a brand identity — fast. So when Tom pulled in Khula, the race was on for a quick and effective mini-branding.


Brand Identity Design
Brand Identity Design
Stationary Design
Stationary Design

The Outcome

Sometimes it can be challenging to name a product — which is why we used our naming matrix to generate ideas and ‘WheelWood’ seemed to work. It was a short, catchy, and easy to remember alliteration. We then focused on pitching different concepts and ideas that might fit the new brand. We landed on a solid concept: a logo design which incorporates branding-style lettering within a steering wheel circle; complemented by tree silhouettes. 

As Tom’s business is based in Chilliwack BC, an area famed for its breathtaking scenery, it seemed only natural to include a forest in the logo design. The logo incorporates the business Facebook page, and date established. The idea of ‘branding’ was the key which unlocked the overall logo concept. Tom now has a clear brand identity that he can market — one that clearly represents him, his vision, and does justice to his product.

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Brand Identity

Before & After

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