Five Affordable Brand-Building Tips For Solopreneurs

Going it alone as a solopreneur doesn’t make you a ‘small fry’. Here are a few tips to help your brand punch above its weight.

April 2021
4 min

Flying solo as a single-person startup can be as daunting as it is exciting. If you’ve already put together that initial startup idea, regardless of what competitive market you’re about to enter, your brand-building has already begun. 

But with everything else that needs doing as you go it alone, how can you nourish your business, and your brand at the same time? A commonly misheld assumption amongst many freelancers and solopreneurs is that building a brand is for the big boys and girls. It takes teams of expertise you don’t have, it costs too much, and your money is better spent on other aspects of growing your business. But it’s a false economy to think that zero to minimal investment in your brand will be good enough.

And whilst there’s certainly no easy solution, there is some great advice you can follow to help your burgeoning brand stand out from the crowd - without breaking the bank. 

Here’s Khula’s list of common solopreneurs' pain points — and how you can tackle them, whilst keeping within budget.

1. Making memorable moments for customers or clients

Alongside your product, or service, and its cost, customer experience is one of the most powerful tools for retaining and growing your client list. But how exactly do you build and retain a secure client base? 

Sometimes it’s said that the best things in life are free. No, we’re definitely not saying that you should hand out your product or services for nothing. And we’re also not saying you have to implement an elaborate or quirky marketing campaign at every step of your roadmap for growth. 

But there is one tactic at your disposal. It’s not just in big organizations where going above and beyond can make an impact. Offering a good service and a memorable customer experience can generate amazing return on investment, and can set you apart from less customer-focussed competitors.  

Exceeding client expectations is one simple and often low-cost way of building your brand, alongside other methods which can be kind on your digital wallet.

2. Showing them you’re good enough

Especially when you’re just starting out, even if you’re an expert in your field, you can feel inadequate when faced with a field of competitors.  

Received some amazing feedback from a client? Had a recommendation? Had an achievement in your field for something you’re particularly proud of? Make sure you share these testimonials with other potential clients. 

You can do this easily through your social media channels, but most potential clients are likely to visit your website first before using you. So spend some time creating a testimonial page, or use a carousel of complimentary comments to build people’s trust, and credibility in your business. 

3. Generating business online

Whether based online or offline, your website is the world’s window into your world. Whatever your business, it’s your storefront. So make sure your visitors can see through the glass, and make sure that when they’re looking, you show them what you want them to see. 

There are numerous low-budget DIY options out there for website design, but studios like Khula exist for a reason. Creating a basic site that looks okay is one thing. Building one that truly represents your brand, gets your site ranking on search engines, and offers all the functionality that customers expect is another. 

Imagine if a team of professionals could create a fully customized site, so all you had to do was make occasional updates, and upload new content like blogs?

4. Highlighting your unique selling proposition

Whether you’re a freelancer in a crowded market, a small-business offering a niche product or service that’s potentially complex to understand, recognising, communicating, and promoting your unique selling proposition (USP) can be the key that unlocks your business from the rest of the market. 

Investing in an effective brand design that sets you apart can make all the difference. If you can’t stretch to a complete branding project, why not consider a mini-brand from Khula? It can be a great way to help our business get up and running. Just take a look at our case study on Wheelwood Steering Wheel Trays.

5. Getting objective feedback

Working for yourself, on your own, means you lack the objective feedback that goes along with working as part of a team where others can offer feedback, and viewpoints that you may not have considered. 

Khula Design Studio provides 360 degree solutions 100% of the way. So you can work with us to customise your branding and website so that they completely fit with your vision. And we’re not afraid to give objective feedback if something isn’t working, or if we think we’ve found a better solution. 

So there you have it. Five simple ways you can leverage what you already have, or what’s comparatively affordable, to overcome those common solopreneurial pain points: go above and beyond, celebrate success with on-site testimonials, get your website in better shape, highlight your USP through branding, and make sure you’ve got a critical friend to offer you some honest feedback. And if you can do all of that...

At Khula Design Studio, we work with startups and established solopreneurs to help them build better businesses through brand identity, copywriting, web design, Webflow Development, and SEO fundamentals. 

Find out how our affordable services can add value to your business by getting an estimate from us today.