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What is Webflow?

A brand is much bigger than a logo, name, slogan, or even the product or service itself — it’s a promise. It encompasses everything that you do — from the messages you deliver, to the experience you provide your target audience.

A solid brand strategy helps to lay the foundation for everything else that you do. A brand strategy will help you truly differentiate your product or service in the market, craft messaging that appeals to the right people at the right time, and will help ensure that your brand identity truly represents who you are, what you do, and the value that you bring to your consumers. 

Brand positioning is one component of brand strategy that is extremely important for businesses. You’re probably wondering, what is brand positioning and how will it benefit my business?

Why Migrate to Webflow?

Webflow outperforms other CMS systems in a number of ways and it’s rapidly being adopted by companies that want to define their online image, build it out quickly, and reap the benefits of a site built to support their future.

One of the key principles behind Webflow is that it gives users more control. It strips away the need for high-level technical ability and replaces it with an intuitive visual platform that anyone can work with. Think about it — not only can you maintain your own site, quickly and easily, you don’t have to pay someone else to do it. That means no more time spent liaising with contractors or waiting for changes and signoff. You have all the power.

That increased control is paired with top-level speed. Webflow websites are hosted and backed by AWS so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the best loading speeds in any region. In case you didn’t know, Webflow includes CDN, Cloud Distribution Network, as standard and Webflow’s uptime is also 99.99% and because it’s serverless there’s never any downtime for server updates — that’s a bonus.

Unlike other platforms such as WordPress, Webflow comes with everything you need to design and build your site just the way you want. No premium plugins that add to your overheads and slow your site down — everything is there for you from day one.

Finally, security is taken care of with enterprise-level controls such as Two-factor authentication and role-based permissions. As the cherry on top, every site hosted on Webflow comes with a free SSL certificate which also helps with your search rankings.

How can webflow impact your business?

When it comes to marketing assets, there’s nothing more powerful than your company website. It’s a window into your world, a critical touchpoint for your brand, and the first place most customers go to learn more about who you are, and what you do. Running your website should be simple, easy-to-do, and cost-effective, without the need to put in a call to a local developer every time you need something updated or fixed. That’s why migrating to Webflow, an all-in-one no-code platform, is a complete game changer for your business. You can make live, on-page edits on the fly through the frontend, and maintain your website with ease through a powerful CMS and super intuitive backend. No additional development time needed.

You might think that these days, the market is crowded with no-code and low-code website builders. And you’d be right. They all do pretty much the same things, they work in similar ways, and they each help designers create beautiful-looking web pages. There’s also no question that a good designer can take any website building tool and make something beautiful out of it. But what happens when they hand it over to the client? How easy is it to maintain? With over 3.5 million users, Webflow is a robust platform on which you and your team can collaborate, design, and scale beautiful and functional websites in no time. The good news is that maintaining a professional website in Webflow requires little to no technical knowledge, so you and your marketing team have more time for work which adds greater business value. So ultimately, you and your team can focus on what they do best and let the tool do the rest.

Webflow Interface - Figma to Webflow

Webflow vs Wordpress

No plugins required, develop straight in Webflow
Start with a blank canvas, has a photoshop feel with drag and drop building elements and tools
Fully customizable SEO settings that are easy to setup. Easily add meta titles, descriptions, alt. attributes
Free SSL on all sites, backed by constant threat monitoring
When a website's slow to load, visitors bounce. That's why Webflow offers the fastest hosting on the internet via our Tier 1 Content Delivery Network, Amazon Cloudfront, and Fastly
Simple on-page editing, minimal dashboard Ul. You can update text and images, add to the CMS while live on the site, no need to sign into the backend
Direct support, regularly cited as one of the best features of Webflow. See our Facebook reviews
Easily add 301 redirections directly within Webflow
Automatic backups which you can restore your entire site with a click of button within your dashboard.
Staging and production databases. Publish with confidence. Design without fear
Easily integrate using Zapier, add Google Analytics or Optimize with ease.
Import CSV from Wordpress in minutes
CMS is easy to manage, organize and update with a simple and powerful layout with rich text fields allowing you to easily embed videos, podcast links, images, etc.
Constantly updating plugins (security risk)
Unless you're a coder, you need a visual pluginsor be restricted by available themes
Unless you're a coder, you need a visual pluginsor be restricted by available themes
Have to find the right SEO plugin and figure out how to configure it
Also offers free SSL, but WP sites are known for their security vulnerabilities when not properly maintained
Depending on where and who is hosting your site, WordPress is typically known for slow loading and performance
The WordPress dashboard provides lots of options that are irrelevant to most clients, and lacks on-page editing, calling your developer
Mostly community-driven, so it can take time to get help
A complex process that normally involves installing a plugin or needing your developer
Backups are done manually on a external server or FTP site
Staging environment has to be setup through hosting provider
Use plugins to get to the same outcome
Have too many blogs or existing content to migrate across
Depending on the developer used, every WordPress site backend can look different. Content is hard to navigate through, can be overwhelming

Why Webflow?

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