Big news people (well, big news for us!)! We’re absolutely psyched to *finally* be approved as a Webflow Professional Partner! 

Khula Design Studio joined Webflow Professional Partnership Program

Great! But what does that mean exactly?

Firstly, it’s recognition of the team’s hard work and expertise (they don’t just hand out accreditations!). In the same vein as Microsoft’s partnership network, to be approved you need to reach a certain level of competence. Yup, we had to submit work, have it vetted, demonstrate that our credentials stacked up etc.

Secondly, it’s validation that we’re experienced enough to join Webflow’s global community. Not only that, but we’re one of only 14 Webflow Professional Partners in Canada. This is a huge milestone for a small design studio like ours. 

Thirdly, it means we’ll be among the first to get access to new features, insights, and opportunities — which is great for our customers too as we’ll stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s new at Webflow.

While our founder Jamie has been building in Webflow for a little while, in just seven months the Khula team has built 22 Webflow sites. Not bad — if we say so ourselves!

Want to see our official status, check it out here 
P.S — Want to see why we switched from Wordpress to Webflow? Read our blog to see why Webflow is the way forward for no-code web building tools.